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Buyer's Guide: Folding Trikes

14th April, 2023

Buyer's Guide: Folding Trikes

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Adult folding tricycles are designed to be more compact and portable so they’re easy to store and transport. They’re able to fold down and fit into most cars, so your adult tricycle can come on any adventure with you.

They’re also a great option for those who are short on space as they collapse down to a smaller size and can be stored much easier.


Our range of electric folding tricycles

Jorvik Tricycles offer a range of folding electric tricycles with different features, colours and sizes to suit your needs and preferences.

If you’ve been pondering the idea of a folding tricycle but are unsure as to what one to go for, here are our best electric folding tricycles for adults:

Jorvik Elite Low Step Through Electric Folding Tricycles JET-E

Jorvik Elite Mid-Drive Electric Folding Tricycle JET-E2

Our JET-E is a folding electric tricycle and is one of the most popular. They are our most compact adult tricycles as they easily fold down, which is very convenient if you’re on the go a lot or lack storage space.

The original JET-E also has a low-step-through frame which is easy to mount and dismount, making it perfect for everyday use. If you’re looking to travel longer distances, the JET-E2 has a dual battery so will be able to assist you on your cycle for twice as long.


Are Jorvik mountain trikes foldable?

Yes! We have a range of foldable off-road trikes making it easy for you to take your tricycle with you to explore:

Jorvik Mid-Drive Folding Electric Mountain Trike JMT9

The JMT9 is one of our staple electric mountain trikes that was specifically designed for off-road use but with the added convenience and practicality of the folding frame. 

Jorvik Dual Battery Electric Folding Mountain Trike JMT11

One of our newest trikes, they are Jorvik’s first dual battery off-road electric trikes, allowing you to explore off the beaten track for twice as long! The JMT11 has a front-drive motor which provides power to the front wheel to propel the tricycle forwards. This type of motor produces instant power with little pedalling effort so is good for those looking for additional assistance when cycling.

Jorvik Dual Battery Mid-Drive Electric Folding Mountain Trike JMT13

Another one of our latest additions to our range of electric mountain trikes is the JMT13. The JMT13 has a mid-hub drive motor which is more responsive to the rider pedalling. This provides a more realistic riding experience as the power output is adjusted based on the rider’s pedalling speed as well as the level of assistance selected on the control panel.


If you have any more questions about our folding tricycles drop us a DM (@JorvikTricycles). Or email us

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