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How can adult tricycles help people with disabilities?

21st November, 2023

How can adult tricycles help people with disabilities?

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Our tricycles for adults with disabilities can help everyone of all abilities get outside and experience the joys of cycling. For those living with learning or physical disabilities, limited mobility or other health challenges it can be hard to balance, pedal and steer at the same time.


How do electric trikes help adults with disabilities?

Our electric tricycles for adults with disabilities help individuals who are living with learning or physical disabilities in a variety of ways. Here is how: 

1. Stability

Our three-wheel bikes for disabled adults provide greater stability than traditional bicycles. This is especially advantageous for adults with disabilities as cycling an adult trike doesn’t require the same level of coordination to cycle safely.

2. Pedal-assist

The pedal assist on electric tricycles reduces the level of exertion required from riders when cycling. This is beneficial for individuals living with disabilities or limited mobility who struggle with their endurance.

In this sense, electric trikes can act as a type of mobility assistance. For example, if you are unable to walk long distances but keen to keep moving, you can instead get about using an electric tricycle.

3. Low-impact exercise

Cycling on an electric trike can be a great way for adults with disabilities to stay active and help to maintain, and even improve, their leg strength and joint mobility. The additional assistance from electric trikes makes them an ideal option for adults with disabilities who struggle with endurance but want to work on their fitness.

4. Mental health benefits

People living with restrictive disabilities and health complications often struggle with their mental health. Cycling is a well-known mood booster. It increases blood flow and encourages the release of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin – all of which contribute to what many cyclists refer to as a ‘cyclist high’.

Adult tricycles make cycling accessible to all, including those who struggle with traditional bicycles. This allows everyone to experience the mental health benefits of cycling.


If you want to hear from our Jorvik community about how our adult tricycles have helped them overcome with own physical disabilities or health challenges, check out some of our customer stories.

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So, if you’re no longer able to ride a two-wheeled bike, then maybe take a look into three-wheeled options that can provide you with a safer solution that enables you to overcome personal challenges, learning or physical disability or any other health issues.

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